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About Me

My name is Glenda and I’m originally from México and for more than 15 years I’ve been living in San Diego, CA.

 I am an Intuitive Healer who is been practicing a variety of holistic therapies for more than fifteen years; I’m an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium Certified Practitioner, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD and Charles Virtue, respectively. I am a Master Reiki in the traditional Usui lineage, including Reiki with Crystals and Drums, I’m also an Australian Bush Flower Essences®, Bach Flower Remedies® and Wild Animal Essences ®Therapist, Akashic Records Consultant, Soul Coaching® Master oracle reader certified by Denise Linn, Access Counsciousness® Therapist and ,Spiritual Response Therapy, SRA® Practitioner.  

Most of my practice and working area is been in different cities of Mexico, like Toluca, Querétaro, Mexicali, Rosarito, Tijuana and México City. In the United States in All the South California area, Sedona, Arizona , El Centro and San Diego area.My travels to connect with Spirit and gain that connection, includes Egypt, Hawaii, England, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and Finland.

I am part of a very spiritual and talented family; I am a third generation of healers. My family are a very sensitive people that are dedicated like me to  help people to recover and reconnect with the main force called Universe or God.

During my therapy I am able to receive information about the patient through the guidance of their Angels, those messages are giving in a loving and comforting form and go to the very core of the situation and that way the patient is able to resolve their conflicts. When you allow yourself to be open and receptive, the miracles and magic start to happen, you are able to free yourself of prejudice, anger, guilty, and bad influences. That’s the moment when you own the power and reconnect yourself with the Superior Power, when you find the true meaning and purpose of your life.

I love to help people to rediscover themselves and find the light that is with them, for me is very satisfactory to see people transform themselves into the better they can be, that is the best reward. Let me serve you and let’s start this adventure together.

Thank you Fairy much !

Glenda R. Heyer


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