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Angel Therapy

An Angel Therapy is a session where you allow your inner self and the Angels work in some aspects of your life that are not working according to your true desires or expectations.

As an Angel Therapy Practioner®, I am able to help you with the guidance of the Angels to release and get rid of blockage, emotions, situations and addictions that are no longer in sync with your true self and with your purpose of life. The Angels helps you to go back in a very loving and peaceful manner  to your natural state of grace, love and whole.

This may be include: Severing Etheric cords; Chakra balancing, clearing and scanning;releasing old patterns through guided meditation; Channel guidance from your Spiritual team (Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, departed loved ones and  Guides).

This session can be made In person and long distance.

In long distance healing, I will send you by email any impression or message that I may receive in the moment of your session.


Approx time: 60 min

Cost : 65 dlls  



 Must be over 18 to order a reading. Remember I am bot able to give you Financial, Legal or Medical advice as I am not qualified to do so. Seek the advice of your Financial advisor, Attorney or Physician for professional help. Finally, how you use, or donot use, the advice given is completely your own responsibility. **