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Classes and Events


Angel Seminar 

In this seminar you will learn who the Angels are, their purpose; their colors; their tasks; how to invoque and work with them; their signs and most important, How to make them part of your life.

With the help of Angels, through meditation you will be guided to do some healing and releasing of old patterns that are no longer in sync with your true purpose of life.

Time : 10 am to 5pm

Cost :  Adults $ 150 Dlls 

How to connect with your Angel

In this class you will be guided through meditation to make this beautiful connection with your Guardian Angel; you will be able to hear, feel and even smell him or her. You may receive some kind words and his or her name.

Approx Time : 1 1/2hr

Cost : $35 dlls

Circle of Angels

In this Meditation circle, we will invoque our Angels to be part of our life and invite them to work with us. We will manifest our desires and intentions of the present moment with the best interest of everybody involve.

Remember, when 2 or more people fuse their energy together in a loving way for the highest good, miracles can happen.

Approx time : 1 1/2 to 2hrs

Cost : $25 dlls per person

 Learn How to Read Angel Oracle Cards

In this class you will learn How to make contact with the Angels and get answers from your most pressuring questions in your life, Love, Career, Family and Finances.

You will learn :

- How to clean and prepare the place to work.

- How to invoque the Angels help.

- How to clean and protect your cards.

- How to protect yourself.

- How to cut cords with every person you are working with.

- How to close the session and clean the space where you worked.  

You will be teach in a loving and guided way that will give you the confidence to do readings for yourself, family and friends.

Time ; 10 am to 6 pm

Cost : $ 200 dlls with Oracle Cards Included 


 Angel Reunions

This reunion is the perfect excuse to get together with your friends and make it unforgettable. We will create a sacred and harmonious place where we invite our Guardian Angels, Angels and Archangels to be part of our life and festivity.

Everybody will be part of a meditation to call and work with the Angels, there will be a brief talk about them and their purpose, everybody will get an individual 15 minutes reading.

The host will receive a 20 minutes reading.   

** None alcoholics beverages is allowed before or during the reunion **

The  attendance can be a minimum of  5 

You can dress up in Angel custome or wear wings. This will be a joyous time for you, let your imagination fly.

You can make a reunion about this themes too : Fairies, Unicorns, Atlantis and Goddesses.

Each one of them has the same characteristics of the Angel Reunions and the same Rules and rates apply. 

Cost : $ 55 dlls per person

 Attunement with the Fairies and Unicorns

In this class you will learn more about this loving beings and through guided meditations you will be able to connect with your Unicorn and Fairy Guide ,be able to feel, see and hear their messages. At the same time you will receive and attunement similar to Reiki where you are going to be able to transmit their loving and healing energy for you and your loved ones using your hands, Quartz and flowers.

Time ; 10 am to 6 pm

Cost : $ 150 dlls

Meditation to open and clear the 12 Chakras

In this meditation you will learn about the 12 chakras, what Angels are in charge of them and their colors, how to clean, harmonize and protect each one of them.

Approx time : 1 1/2 hr

Cost : $ 22 dlls


 For information on all classes and events please call (760) 212-4136 or send me an email at

The classes can be taught in English or Spanish


 Disclaimer : You must be 18  to order a service or class. In the kids seminar the parents consent is needed.



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