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Reiki  Distant Healing



Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of transfer Universal Energy or Life Force form from practitioner to patient through the hands toward the body with the clear intention to heal, improve, balance and harmonize yourself and others.

Reiki helps to restore and balance the energy that it's been block and become unbalanced in your body, after the session you will feel relax and with new vitality.

Reiki with Crystals

Crystals contain energy that can be very helpful in the process of balance the mind and the spirit, combining the Reiki and Crystals speed up the healing process.   

Reiki with Drums

The drums are an ancient instrument of power that resonates with the pulse of the Mother Earth,combining the Reiki and the drums speed up the healing process with the help of the other natural elements. 

Reiki sessions can be done Long distance or in Person  

With each session you will feel revitalized and balanced.

With the long distance healing session I will emaill you any impression or message that may I receive during the session.

Approx time : 60 min

Cost: 65 dlls

 ** All the services are professional and private. You must be over 18 to order a reading or service. Remember I am not able to give you Financial, Legal or Medical advice as I am not quialified to do so. Seek the advice of your Financial advisor, Attorney or Physician for professional help. Finally, how you use , or do not use, the advice given is completely your own responsibility. ** 


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